Detailing Black Paint | Tips and Tricks

San Diego Mobile Car Detail on Black Aston Martin

For all you DIY’ers out there… If you have a black car you know how difficult it can be to keep you vehicles paint in prime condition.  Bad washing habits, Drive Thru Car Washes, Dust, etc.. all negatively impact the appearance of your car.  Nothing looks as good as a clean black car, but a black car shows dirt, swirls, and imperfections in the paint more than any other color.  Blacks with some metallic in them are bad enough, but its impossible to hide anything on a pure black car.  So here are a few tips to help manage your black paint work.


Since Blacks cars show so much, many people tend to use drive thru car washes for the ease and time savings.  However, harsh chemicals and dirty brushes slapping the exterior of your car are hardly helping things in the long term.  You have to start with proper wash methods that don’t damage your paint.  The TWO BUCKET WASH METHOD allows you to rinse off your wash mitt allowing the dirt that you just cleaned from your vehicle to be removed before reloading the wash mitt and wiping it back on to your car.  You can view more info on the 2 bucket method on 


Improper drying techniques can reverse all the care you took when washing the vehicle. Using household towels, rags, dirty clothes can cause wash scratches, marring, and worse.  We recommend using compressed air to blow out all of the water left behind in the the tight places and follow up with a plush Micro Fiber Towel.  If any spots are left behind because they dried before you got to them, you can lightly mist your towel and wipe the car using a final detailer.


Many people have a high speed buffer in the garage.  The problem with these is that due to the fact that they rotate in one direction at such high speeds they create a ton of heat.  Heat can cause you to burn through the paint on your car, cause uneven surfaces in the clear coat which are the case of holograms, and a dirty pad can inflict swirls marks from hell. A highly trained professional can use a high speed buffer to quickly correct imperfections in the paint of a car, but they still use a dual action polisher for the finishing touch to provide a swirl and hologram free finish.  For the DIY’er we highly recommend the use of Dual Action Polishers.  They rotate and oscillate mimicking the motion of a typical hand “wax on wax off”.  This movement reduces heat and makes the polishing head stop if too much pressure is applied which makes burning the paint nearly impossible.  There are many dual action polisher on the market but in our opinion the best and most cost effective polisher would be the Porter Cable 7424XP

Remember to always clean your wash buckets, towels, buffing pads, etc.. after each wash.  Using dirty products to clean your vehicle can damage your car and cause problems that you can solve.  If you have any of those problems and need a professional, please reach out to us!!!  Otherwise, enjoy the upcoming summer in your clean car!

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