Vintage Corvette Detail

We have had the privilege of working on some fun cars lately.  For example, we had two 1967 corvette’s in the same week.  The one in the video below was referred to us by our friend Nick at Loose Cannon Customs (  They had recently done some paint work on the hood of a ’67 corvette that a new customer brought in after a recent purchase.  The paint on this car was not “show quality” but good for a classic driver.  He wanted to add a little something to the car and brought it to Nick who got to work on adding some light steel blue accents on the dark blue hood.  He then proceeded to clear coat the entire hood.  The customer was very happy, the only problem was, now that the hood looked so good, the rest of the car looked a bit dated.  He asked Nick how much it would cost to re clear the whole vehicle and that is when Nick brought up Detail Green USA.  We have worked together for years and he told the customer that he thought a good compound and polish would bring the rest of the car back to life and would also save him a lot of money compared to reshooting the whole car.  We went out to the customers house and polished out the paintwork on this awesome corvette.  The results were fantastic and the customer was thrilled!

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