DetailGreenUSA featured in the San Diego Reader #cardetailing

Here is an excerpt from the article…  You can view the whole article HERE!

San Diego Mobile Car Wash

Josh Vanderwaall, owner of Detail Green (800-828-9291;, also offers a mobile washing service — with an eco-friendly aspect. “We have a concentrate that we mix with a small amount of water. It’s basically an emulsifying product, and we spray it onto the car. It lifts the dirt away and leaves a layer of lubrication. We wipe the dirt away, then use a microfiber towel to buff out the car so that there are no streaks and no runoff. We can also use a high-pressure steam-cleaner, which does the same thing with steam. Again, there is no runoff.”

Vanderwaall noted his company used to stick with steam alone because the chemical emulsifier tended to mar automobile paint jobs. But the products have improved to the point where he feels safe rubbing them onto the most expensive cars out there. “I did a Lexus LFA last week. That’s a $400,000 supercar. The majority of stuff we do is very high end.” He added that his company was insured, “so that if anything did happen to your car while we were cleaning it, it would be covered. Also, we don’t use high-speed buffers. They’re fine if you’re trying to remove deep scratches, but they can create an uneven surface on your car’s clear coat. Instead, we use dual-action polishers that mimic the action of the hand at a really high rate.”

Detail Green often needs a couple of days’ advance notice for your wash, said Vanderwaall. “The basic package includes an interior vacuum and a wipedown of all major compartments. We clean the wheels, dress the tires, and wash the windows inside and out. The cost is $65. We can also do a wax coat for an additional $35, as well as other services. Depending on what you choose, the job can take from 90 minutes to five hours.”

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