Tunnel Car Wash Mishaps

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Tunnel Car washes are easy, fast, and cheap… But they can actually do more harm than good. (See link below for an extreme situation of car turning pink) The brushes used in these types of car washes get used over and over and can transfer harmful debris. Imagine pulling up to the car wash and no one is around. You pay your fee and enter the wash not knowing about the muddy truck that went right before you. The car wash brushes slapped and wiped all dirt from the truck and it is now embedded in the brush. You pull through your new vehicle and as it dries you notice some light scratching all over the vehicle. Also, if the detergents are not completely removed from the vehicles paint and plastics, it can cause premature oxidation of the paint. If you have to use this type of car wash, make a note of the staining effects in can potentially have on the rubber and plastic around your windows. We all understand that life gets busy and the drive through car wash is an easy and convenient solution, but if you MUST use one, do your best to use a touch-free version. Or better yet, stock with a mobile detail service that can tale care of your vehicle properly while you work or run errands!


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