Our Additional Services cover everything from Fabric Protection and Headlight Restoration, to Odor Removal and Paintless Dent Repair.  We are your one stop shop for all of your automotive reconditioning needs.


San Diego Car Detailing Service | Auto Detailing | Fabric Protection

The unique protective coating repels stains and dirt from fabric, carpet, seats, door panels, and more of your vehicle. The formula micro-bonds deep inside fabric strands to provide durable long-term protection. Any liquid that touches Fabric Guard will simply slide off without contacting the underlying fibers. Fabric Guard has endless uses to protect any fabric surface.


San Diego Car Detailing Service | Auto Detailing | Engine Detailing

Our Engine Details remove dirt, grease, oil, etc… We degrease the engine bay and once it is clean we apply a rehydrating dressing that helps prolong the life of hoses and other plastic pieces in the engine bay.  This is one of our top selling additional services.


San Diego Car Detailing Service | Auto Detailing | Paint Correction

Paint Correction is achieved taking down layers of clear coat at the micron level to smooth out the paint work on your vehicle.  This minimized scratches and other imperfections while removing all swirl marks and holograms.  Paint Correction is a skilled trade and should only be trusted to professionals to avoid the risk of “burning” your paint and creating more issues. Details Green USA’s Car Detailing provides high end paint corrections in San Diego.


San Diego Car Detailing Service | Auto Detailing | Wheel Repair

It’s very common to scrape your wheel against a curb, while trying to park.  This damage can leave scratches and gouges on your wheels. Even the best looking car looks bad when the wheels are damaged.  Wheel repair removes these terrible marks, so your rims stay stylish, shiny and safe.  Wheel repair makes your wheels look like new.  We can also repaint your wheels in its standard wheel color or whatever color you choose.


San Diego Car Detailing Service | Auto Detailing | PDR

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is designed to get behind your vehicle’s steel or aluminum skin and massage dented areas into their original shape. Once done, your vehicle’s exterior looks like new!

Steel exteriors have a molecular memory of the shape they were formed in. Aluminum exteriors, on the other hand, do not. They take a little extra effort to mold into place; however, the job can be done.


San Diego Car Detailing | Auto Detailing | Headlight Restoration

Over time, headlights can become cloudy.  We remove the layers of contamination and polish the lens back to its original crystal clear shine.  We also use a special sealant to recoat the lens to help it from turning cloudy again.

PRICE: $60 a set

Odor Removal

San Diego Car Detailing | Auto Detailing | Odor Removal

Automotive Odor Removal can be extremely difficult.  A variety of odor causing elements: Smoke, Mildew, Milk, Pets, Etc.  combined with a number of different factors make every odor removal treatment unique.  At DetailGreen, we use a number of methods to ensure the best results possible for your unique situation.  We have been providing odor removal services in San Diego for over 5 years. We are trusted by numerous Automotive Dealerships, Body Shops, and Insurance Companies.Professional Car Interior Cleaning Services