Car Leather and Plastic Repairs

As we detail vehicles, any damage in the leather or on plastics that can’t be cleaned really sticks out like a sore thumb when the rest of the vehicle is looking its best. At Detail Green USA, in addition to mobile car wash and detailing services, we also offer interior repair services. Burn marks, worn leather, rips in leather, cracked plastics… we can help! Here are a few before and after images.

BEFORE: Worn leather armrest

San Diego Wash near me

AFTER: Leather Sealed and Re-dyed to perfect match

Car Detail Prices

BEFORE: Scratch in Leather

Car Leather Repair


Mobile Leather Repair on vehicle

BEFORE: Worn Plastic on Door (previously repaired by another company)

Car Detailing San Diego

AFTER: Refinished and color matched to factory color

Mobile Car Detailing Service

BEFORE: Various wear spots on leather seat

Mobile Car Wash San Diego

AFTER: Leather Repaired!

Plastic Repair on car

Tunnel Car Wash Mishaps

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Tunnel Car washes are easy, fast, and cheap… But they can actually do more harm than good. (See link below for an extreme situation of car turning pink) The brushes used in these types of car washes get used over and over and can transfer harmful debris. Imagine pulling up to the car wash and no one is around. You pay your fee and enter the wash not knowing about the muddy truck that went right before you. The car wash brushes slapped and wiped all dirt from the truck and it is now embedded in the brush. You pull through your new vehicle and as it dries you notice some light scratching all over the vehicle. Also, if the detergents are not completely removed from the vehicles paint and plastics, it can cause premature oxidation of the paint. If you have to use this type of car wash, make a note of the staining effects in can potentially have on the rubber and plastic around your windows. We all understand that life gets busy and the drive through car wash is an easy and convenient solution, but if you MUST use one, do your best to use a touch-free version. Or better yet, stock with a mobile detail service that can tale care of your vehicle properly while you work or run errands!

DetailGreenUSA featured in the San Diego Reader #cardetailing

Here is an excerpt from the article…  You can view the whole article HERE!

Car Wash gone mobile

Josh Vanderwaall, owner of Detail Green (800-828-9291;, also offers a mobile washing service — with an eco-friendly aspect. “We have a concentrate that we mix with a small amount of water. It’s basically an emulsifying product, and we spray it onto the car. It lifts the dirt away and leaves a layer of lubrication. We wipe the dirt away, then use a microfiber towel to buff out the car so that there are no streaks and no runoff. We can also use a high-pressure steam-cleaner, which does the same thing with steam. Again, there is no runoff.”

Vanderwaall noted his company used to stick with steam alone because the chemical emulsifier tended to mar automobile paint jobs. But the products have improved to the point where he feels safe rubbing them onto the most expensive cars out there. “I did a Lexus LFA last week. That’s a $400,000 supercar. The majority of stuff we do is very high end.” He added that his company was insured, “so that if anything did happen to your car while we were cleaning it, it would be covered. Also, we don’t use high-speed buffers. They’re fine if you’re trying to remove deep scratches, but they can create an uneven surface on your car’s clear coat. Instead, we use dual-action polishers that mimic the action of the hand at a really high rate.”

Detail Green often needs a couple of days’ advance notice for your wash, said Vanderwaall. “The basic package includes an interior vacuum and a wipedown of all major compartments. We clean the wheels, dress the tires, and wash the windows inside and out. The cost is $65. We can also do a wax coat for an additional $35, as well as other services. Depending on what you choose, the job can take from 90 minutes to five hours.”



Vintage Corvette Detail

We have had the privilege of working on some fun cars lately.  For example, we had two 1967 corvette’s in the same week.  The one in the video below was referred to us by our friend Nick at Loose Cannon Customs (  They had recently done some paint work on the hood of a ’67 corvette that a new customer brought in after a recent purchase.  The paint on this car was not “show quality” but good for a classic driver.  He wanted to add a little something to the car and brought it to Nick who got to work on adding some light steel blue accents on the dark blue hood.  He then proceeded to clear coat the entire hood.  The customer was very happy, the only problem was, now that the hood looked so good, the rest of the car looked a bit dated.  He asked Nick how much it would cost to re clear the whole vehicle and that is when Nick brought up Detail Green USA.  We have worked together for years and he told the customer that he thought a good compound and polish would bring the rest of the car back to life and would also save him a lot of money compared to reshooting the whole car.  We went out to the customers house and polished out the paintwork on this awesome corvette.  The results were fantastic and the customer was thrilled!

How to chose a Car Detail company in San Diego CA

With all the options on line for car detailing services in San Diego, how do you chose?  In building our business, we are constantly trying to figure out what a potential new customer is looking for when hiring a car detail service.  I do my best to try to remove myself from the equation and think about this as if i were a customer with no knowledge on the subject.  Here is a list of things that i would look for when hiring a mobile car detailing service.

  • Good Reviews – Making sure the detail company you go with has a solid reputation is key.  With all the review sites now a days, this is pretty easy to do.
  • Professional -When you hire someone to come a detail your car you are trusting them with a very expensive item.  You want to make sure that the car detail company is professionally trained, commercially insured, and uses professional grade products.
  • Reliable – Your life can get very busy.  This is a service industry and should be exactly that.  We give you a detailed time frame of when we will arrive and how long the detail service will take so you can get back to your day!
  • Website – Having a good website that outlines services and pricing of the car detail services offered enables you to get an upfront understanding of what to expect from the company.
  • Ease – Mobile Car Detailing allows you to get your vehicle detailed at your home or office. No need to plan hours out of your day to take a car in to the detail/car wash shop and wait, or try to arrange someone to pick you up.  By going with a mobile car detail service you are able to get stuff done at work or at home while your car is being cleaned!

We do our best to make sure we provide the very best car detailing service in San Diego.  We have been working on our online presence to reach more and more customers so that we can provide the professional service they are looking for.  If you are looking for a mobile car wash or detail service in San Diego, we hope that you will give Detail Green USA a chance.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations.