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DIY Car Detailing | How to Repair a worn steering wheel!

     Today we are showing you how you can  repair your worn steering wheel.  Steering Wheel’s are exposed to constant sunlight and heat causing them to break down over time.  On top of sunlight and heat, we also introduce oils, lotions, and all sorts of other things from our hands to the steering wheel which can cause it to wear down over time.   If your steering wheel is bad yet, you can normally clean it off and you will want to keep it protected.  We recommend using:

Chemical Guys Total Interior:

This product safely cleans and protects in one step.  Here is an excerpt from the product description: (for dirtier interiors, we recommend a more aggressive cleaner.)

Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant is unique because it cleans, protects, and disinfects virtually any surface. Clean seats, dashboards, carpets, fabrics, metal, clear plastic, navigation screens, glass, windshields, door panels, wood dashboard trim, and more with Total Interior Cleaner. Chemical Guys chemists blended Total Interior Cleaner with UV blockers and protectants to shield against harsh UV rays that cause interior materials to fade, discolor, and crack. Treat interiors with Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant regularly to keep car interiors fresh, clean, and looking and feel like new for years to come. Cars that are in good shape maintain their value and garner a higher resale price down the line.

We Do not recommend using this on your windows and certain ingredients can negatively  impact any tint that may be on the windows.  We always recommend cleaning your windows with nothing more than water and a good microfiber towel like this one:


1000 grit sandpaper:

Gorilla Glue Gel as a Sealer:

Dupli-Color Flat Black Vinyl + Fabric Paint:

SEM Plastic and Leather Prep:

***Use this to clean after each time you sand, and before you paint.

MicroFiber Towels to use to wipe down:

Step 1: Clean damaged area using SEM Plastic and Leather Prep:

Step 2: Lightly sand the are to a smooth finish using 1000 grit sandpaper:

Step 3: Clean and Inspect

Step 4: Seal and spots that feel slight rough or soft using Gorilla Glue Gel as a Sealer:  This will help that paint/dye to have a consistent finish across the entire repair area.

Step 5: Lightly sand the spots that were resealed to a smooth finish.

Step 6: Clean again to prep for paint.

Step 7: Tape off area to prevent overspray

Step 8: Light spray the area with Dupli-Color Flat Black Vinyl + Fabric Paint:

Step 9: Let dry and inspect

Step 10: Re coat if needed.


Looking for a car detail service? How to choose a Car Detail company in San Diego CA #SanDiegoCarDetailing #MobileCarDetail #CarWash #CarDetailPricing #CarDetailService #CarDetailingNearMe

Porsche Detail San Diego

With all the options on line for car detailing services in San Diego, how do you chose?  In building our business, we are constantly trying to figure out what a potential new customer is looking for when hiring a car detail service.  I do my best to try to remove myself from the equation and think about this as if i were a customer with no knowledge on the subject.  Here is a list of things that i would look for when hiring a mobile car detailing service.

  • Good Reviews – Making sure the detail company you go with has a solid reputation is key.  With all the review sites now a days, this is pretty easy to do.
  • Professional -When you hire someone to come a detail your car you are trusting them with a very expensive item.  You want to make sure that the car detail company is professionally trained, commercially insured, and uses professional grade products.
  • Reliable – Your life can get very busy.  This is a service industry and should be exactly that.  We give you a detailed time frame of when we will arrive and how long the detail service will take so you can get back to your day!
  • Website – Having a good website that outlines services and pricing of the car detail services offered enables you to get an upfront understanding of what to expect from the company.
  • Ease – Mobile Car Detailing allows you to get your vehicle detailed at your home or office. No need to plan hours out of your day to take a car in to the detail/car wash shop and wait, or try to arrange someone to pick you up.  By going with a mobile car detail service you are able to get stuff done at work or at home while your car is being cleaned!

We do our best to make sure we provide the very best car detailing service in San Diego.  We have been working on our online presence to reach more and more customers so that we can provide the professional service they are looking for.  If you are looking for a mobile car wash or detail service in San Diego, we hope that you will give Detail Green USA a chance.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Importance of Car Washing and Waxing during the rainy season – Acid Rain and the effects on your paint

Car Wax protection
Car Wax can help protect your vehicle from harsh rain

Acid what?

Acid Rain is a broad term referring to a mixture of wet and dry [deposited material] from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids.  Think or hard water deposits on your dishes…

Anything water-based that comes from the sky can be classified as acid rain. This includes dew, rain, and snow. Most, or all, of these weather elements settle on cars, and can cause major problems when it comes to a vehicle’s exterior. The acidity in the water can cause the paint and even the metal to weaken over time.

How can rain impact my car?

According to the EPA, damage is caused when the acid material is left behind on a car’s surface after water evaporates. The acidic compound combined with other elements (such as sunlight) can be strong enough to eat away the paint.

Vehicles with a clear coat are more vulnerable to the damage acid rain causes. The finish, used since the early 1990’s, is mirror-like and can highlight defects. According to research conducted by the EPA, there will be “irregularly shaped, permanently etched areas” on a car’s surface if it has been impacted by acid rain. The organization suggests that the best way to prevent this damage from happening is to make sure vehicles are washed frequently to remove deposits before they damage the vehicle.

How can I prevent damage to my car?

Getting a regular car wash can help reduce the amount of acidic material left on the vehicle. If the car is already clean, there will be nothing left behind to further damage the body of the vehicle when water evaporates. A professional car wash not only keeps a car clean and protected, but also helps to prevent damage acid rain can create.  High grade waxes and paint sealants like those used by us at Detail Green USA can help protect your vehicle.  Instead of the contamination having its effect directly on the surface of your car, Detail Green’s comprehensive Car Detailing packages offer premium protection to all of your vehicles surfaces creating a barrier from the harmful effects from acid rain, industrial fall out, bird droppings, etc…

Give us a call today and take advantage of our Fall Special 20% off our complete detail service.  We are happy to be one of the top Mobile Car Detailing services in San diego!

Car Wax protection
Car Wax can help protect your vehicle from harsh rain

Car Leather and Plastic Repairs

car interior repair

As we detail vehicles, any damage in the leather or on plastics that can’t be cleaned really sticks out like a sore thumb when the rest of the vehicle is looking its best. At Detail Green USA, in addition to mobile car wash and detailing services, we also offer interior repair services. Burn marks, worn leather, rips in leather, cracked plastics… we can help! Here are a few before and after images.

BEFORE: Worn leather armrest

San Diego Wash near me

AFTER: Leather Sealed and Re-dyed to perfect match

Car Detail Prices

BEFORE: Scratch in Leather

Car Leather Repair


Mobile Leather Repair on vehicle

BEFORE: Worn Plastic on Door (previously repaired by another company)

Car Detailing San Diego

AFTER: Refinished and color matched to factory color

Mobile Car Detailing Service

BEFORE: Various wear spots on leather seat

Mobile Car Wash San Diego

AFTER: Leather Repaired!

Plastic Repair on car

Tunnel Car Wash Mishaps

san diego car wash

Tunnel Car washes are easy, fast, and cheap… But they can actually do more harm than good. (See link below for an extreme situation of car turning pink) The brushes used in these types of car washes get used over and over and can transfer harmful debris. Imagine pulling up to the car wash and no one is around. You pay your fee and enter the wash not knowing about the muddy truck that went right before you. The car wash brushes slapped and wiped all dirt from the truck and it is now embedded in the brush. You pull through your new vehicle and as it dries you notice some light scratching all over the vehicle. Also, if the detergents are not completely removed from the vehicles paint and plastics, it can cause premature oxidation of the paint. If you have to use this type of car wash, make a note of the staining effects in can potentially have on the rubber and plastic around your windows. We all understand that life gets busy and the drive through car wash is an easy and convenient solution, but if you MUST use one, do your best to use a touch-free version. Or better yet, stock with a mobile detail service that can tale care of your vehicle properly while you work or run errands!