About Detail Green USA

     Detail Green USA provides high end car detailing services throughout San Diego County.  We have been serving customers in San Diego for over 10 years. We take pride in our ability to provide San Diego’s best mobile auto detailing service.

    Detail Green USA is proud to be an eco friendly company that promotes car wash and detail practices that are both safe for the vehicle and safe for the environment.  Everyone wants a clean city and no one wants a dirty car.  In the past, cleaning your car meant excessive water use (the average at home car wash uses over 35 gallons of water) that causes run off and pollution to our local lakes and beaches.  At Detail Green USA, we use about a gallon of water to safely clean your vehicle without harming the paint.  We are passionate about our practice and enjoy educating our customers on how to safely maintain their vehicles without using harsh chemicals or creating excess water run off!

  “We look forward to working with you for your car detailing needs!”  – Josh Vanderwaall

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