Exterior Detail

Exterior Detail

San Diego’s best car detail service provides exceptional Exterior Detail services.  Like all of our services, we provide our exterior detail as a mobile service to our customers home or office throughout San Diego.  Our exterior detail brings back that new car feel to the exterior of  your car.  Click here for PRICING

Our Exterior Detail Service includes:

  • Eco Friendly Wash
  • Full Clay Treatment
  • Two Stage Polish
  • High Grade Polymer Paint Sealant
  • Door Jams Cleaned
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Wheel Wells Cleaned
  • Tires and Trim Dresses
  • Windows cleaned to Streak Free Finish


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Exterior Detailing in San Diego by Detail Green USA. Our exterior detail services contain meticulous cleaning, polish, and sealing. We start by washing the vehicle to remove any loose dirt. We the lubricate the vehicle and do a thorough clay treatment. The clay treatment removes all of the contamination embedded in the paint.  This also levels out the paint in preparation for light correction.

This service includes a two stage polish to help smooth out the surface and remove light scratches.  We use dual action polishers to safely remove imperfections in the paint and leave your paint work with a highly reflective finish.  Once your paint is looking beautiful, we apply your choice of a high grade carnuba wax or a premium paid sealant.  

From our experience the owners of older show vehicles request the carnuba wax as it make the paint work “glow”.  The premium paint sealant has more of a robotic finish and looks like an additional layer of clear coat sitting on top of the paint.  Paint sealants do last longer than the wax, but we leave that option open to the customer. We finish out the exterior detail by detailing the wheels, dressing the tires and wheel wells, and cleaning the glass to a streak free finish.