What is mobile car detailing?

Mobile car detailing is when a car detailing service comes directly to your home or office to clean your car. Nobody likes having to take time out of their day to take their car to the local car wash, wait… wait…. and then wait some more…. or arrange for a friend or family member to follow them down to the car wash so that they can leave the car there, only to have to bother another friend or family member a few hours later to take them back to pick up the vehicle.

We have been providing Mobile Car Detailing services in San Diego for over 10 years.  All of our mobile detail units are outfitted with everything we need.  All you need to supply is the location of where we will be working and the vehicle.  You can go on with your day doing the things you need to do like work, hang out with your kids, clean the house, or take a nap.

What can our customers expect?

When we arrive, we will go over the vehicle with you so you know exactly what to expect when we are finished. Most of our customers opt for our Complete Detail Package which takes between 3 and 4 hours under most circumstances. We start by washing all the excess dirt, dust, and other build up off the car. We then use DETAILERS CLAY to remove all contamination from the  paint that wont come off from a standard wash.  Once that is done, we dry the vehicle and begin polishing your paint.  Our complete detail includes a 2 stage paint polish which helps to remove light scratches and bring back the shine to your paint.

After the polish, we apply protection in the form of wax or a paint sealant to lock in your freshly polished paint. We then go through your interior and remove all debris, clean all the nooks and crannies and shampoo the carpet and seats(if your seats are leather, we use a specially formulated leather cleaner and conditioner that wont dry out your leather over time).  Finally we apply uv protection and dressing to your interior, exterior, and tires.  Our final step is cleaning your wheels, door jams, and making sure to leave your windows clean and streak free!

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Mobile Car Detailing
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