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Jaguar Detail

In November, I purchased a Jaguar from Sand Diego Jaguar. While I love the car, let’s say their idea of a good detail and taking care of paint and mine are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The car had horrible swirl marks, as well as being in need of some solid TLC. My wifes car also needed a good going over as it had been some time since it had been done. I spoke to my paint guy, who recommended Josh for the paint correction.

Josh came out, looked over my car for purposes of an estimate and he did not see anything out of the ordinary. We scheduled both cars for the same day, and he arrived at eight as promised, and proceeded to get busy.

Cutting to the chase, he worked a full day on both cars, and from both an interior as well as exterior, perspective, his work was stellar. My paint looks incredible, swirls and marks from car washes gone! And when my wife saw her car, she could not believe it was the same vehicle she left behind that morning. Both cars were beautiful, inside and out.

To run across someone who has this kind of integrity, work ethic and overall quality of workmanship, is not an easy task. Josh nails it on all three fronts. Needless to say, I’ll be using him in the future, and before going with others out there who will quote you double or triple what Josh will without even seeing your car, do yourself a favor and give him a call.

Five stars is not something I hand out readily, but Josh rates it. Simply put, he hit the trifecta as mentioned above and has a client for as long as he’s around.

-Sam E, La Jolla CA

San Diego Car Detailing Jaguar
Jaguar Detail