San Diego Car Detailing Services

San Diego Car Detailing

How do you find an auto detailer you can trust?

How do you know which products are safe for your car?

Will a polisher put swirl marks in my cars paint?

There are many questions you may face when considering hiring a professional car detailer.  At DetailGreenUSA we provide high end MOBILE CAR WASH AND DETAILING SERVICES throughout San Diego.  We use only the highest grade products to clean and protect your vehicle.  We practice eco friendly alternatives when treating the interior of your car where you and your family spend so much time.  We also only use DUAL ACTION polishers which are completely safe for your paint and will not cause any damage like a traditional rotary polisher can.

We have been serving San Diego since 2005 and have built great relationships and a great reputation in the automotive world.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (858) 768-0609, or you can email me directly at

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