Tips on polishing single stage paint

paint polishing

In todays video we break down how you can polish out all the defects in your single stage paint using HD SPEED by 3D Car Care.

I just picked up a 1969 Ford Fairlane and although the paint was recently done, whoever cut and buffed the paint used a rotary polisher with a not so clean pad which introduced some swirls, holograms, and marring in my paint.

Here is a list of products we used to get the job done:


MicroFiber Polishing Pads:
For some reason these dont have the best reviews on Amazon, but i couldnt be happier with them. I have an Auto Detailing company and we work on very high end vehicles. These pads work all around and very rarely does the microfiber seperate from the backing. I have had many more expensive pads seperate on me and not last as long as these.

Dual Action Polisher
I have both the original 900watt as well as this 1000 watt update. I like them both, but for $10 extra it is well worth going with the new one. Slightly more power, progressive trigger, well balanced, and seems to stay cooler than the 900 watt version. As a professional detailer i also have many Rupes Polishers. They are extremely refined, but for the money and action, I love these Maxshine polishers.

MicroFiber Towels:

Synthetic Clay Pad:
These work amazing and are more than half the price of competitor brand name products.

Let me know if you have any question!

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