Leather & Vinyl Repair on VW Golf Center Console

car leather repair

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmTw3BI8kG4&t=56s

In todays video, we show the process on how we repair severe damage on the center console of a VW Golf. This can be a common issue as this spot and other get constant abuse from a drivers elbow.

This one not only wore, but also cracked open and the edges of the damage were peeling up. We walk you through the process and show what kind of results we can get when repairing damaged leather and vinyl.

Using leather and vinyl conditions are a very important part in preventing this kind of damage.  An every other week regimen can keep your leather and vinyl nice a soft and prevent it from cracking like this one did.  Add that to your car was or detailing routine and you wont have to deal with a repair like this!!!

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